The start

I don´t know how you´re supposed to start your very first blog.

So, hi? Hello? Hey? Howdy?

Howdy sounds good.

So howdy everyone on the another side of the screen! Nice to have you here, hope you´re having a great day!

Enough of this awkward start, let´s go straight to business,

I´m Johanna, I´m 17 and I live in Finland. English is not my first language, so I apologize for the grammar mistakes and all that stuff. The reason why I wanted this blog to be in English, is that I can reach more people, tell about my life to almost everyone. And mostly, some of my friends don´t speak Finnish so now they can read this too, yay! Also, this is my FIRST blog ever, so no need to wonder ”what is this girl doing?”. I´m just trying to start this blog and update at least once in a week.

About this blog,

I don´t know why I picked the name voodooheart. I had some name suggestions in my head but they were all taken which is super duper sad 😦 voodooheart sounds nice to me and I like it a lot, no special meaning behind it. Also picking what this blog is going to be about was hard. I chose the home&lifestyle one, I will be just ranting about my life and all the things I want to achieve. Really, I don´t know 100% sure what I will be posting, but we´ll see. Some photos maybe? Basically just my life and things I´ve done.

Anyway, this was just a little information about my new blog,

I hope you´ll stay and wait for next posts!